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This is a chronicle of Ken Jones’s way of dealing with having metastisized malignant melanoma, and all that goes with that, including his devotion to God and how conscious he became of that onesness as he neared his death. After his passing, it is also a journal of his wife’s experiences of caring for him, his passing and the spiritual learnings that tumbled into place like huge boulders after he left this world.

Diagnosed with MMM in June of 2009, Ken chose not to do the standard Calufornia approved and legalized treatments of chemo, radiation, or surgery.

Not that he hadn’t had cancer surgery in the past (skin melanoma 2000 and thyroid papilary carcinoma 2002, and squamous cell carcinoma 2008 & 2009), but this new challenge was much more dangerous and aggressive and called for a different approach.

The photo below was taken at the Baja Nutri Care clinic in Platas de Tijuana in Mexico. That’s Nola and Margarita, my loving friends.

Following his visits to alternative care clinics, it became evident that hospice was the best choice. Every day was filled with more and more spiritual experiences and awarenesses. We invite you to explore, learn, understand and lift your own consciousness through the reading and the many comments made by friends and readers worldwide.


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  1. 1

    Jamie Cowan said,

    Well, now that I have read your blog, I’m at a loss for words, other than we are wishing you all the best for whatever comes. Peace and love, cousin!

  2. 2

    Mark and Hesperia Blackburn said,

    Dearest Ken – Ditto on the loss for words. God is truly blessing you. So much Love and Light. Your blog entry was a great service to us today.
    Continued blessings –
    In Loving,
    Mark, Hesperia, Evangeline and Lili

  3. 3

    Lynda Reece Sentell said,

    I have been so blessed by the discovery of your blog and especially the opportunity to see a photo. However, each time I see a photo of a PHS classmate I wonder, “How did he/she get that old when I haven’t changed at alll?” I comment on this post simply because that is where I am in this moment in time. I have lovingly read every post and envy you in so many ways. I am making the same journey of faith that you seem to be on. If you recall, I came from a very fundamental Southern Baptist background and I must admit that I have passed through many painful/peaceful places on my journey to arrive at a peaceful truce with my past and my family and friends around me who chose to not understand me. I don’t pretend to know your journey, although I would welcome more knowledge. All I can do is tell you that I understand as much one “old fart friend” raised in Pickens, SC could understand another. I send you love and peace.

  4. 5

    Carol Jones said,

    Love you Honey

  5. 6

    Kam said,

    i think of Ken, often. and when i do, i think kindness. Ken was kind, to me. it makes me want to emulate him, and his kindness. in that sense, i celebrate him, and he is very much alive for me. i am present to the way he treated me, now. (he gave me something to emulate NOW). Not only that, he gave me my methodolgy, if not my mission. by that, i mean, the last time we spoke – and we both knew it might be the last time – he told me something. i am flicking through my diary to find where i wrote it down as he said it. I wrote it in pencil and will not be erasing it. here it is … he said
    i was “honest and courageous, striving to bring something interesting and useful to the conversation.” from that day on i have done nothing but live into his acknowledgement. he crystallized and distinguished for me at a time when i was unclear about my own self-expression etc. for those who dont know, Ken and i often stood shoulder-to-shoulder street canvassing in LA: a city regarded as a low street traffic area; and, i was readily informed that i was the number one street canvasser in the US. he has given me alot to live upto. and by G-d, i will deliver. in doing so, he lives on for me, and will forever more. Kam

    • 7

      Carol said,

      Dear Kam,

      I have had several transmissions from Ken in the last few months. Last night he told me he absolutely wanted me to write back to you. I just found your comment yesterday. There’s not doubt that Kenny touched many lives on his way off this planet and I’m glad yours was one of them. I am moved to invite you to come visit again. Help me with the book. Look at some pictures. When are you in LA?
      Much love and blessings,

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