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Having been on the infamous Gerson Therapy (GT) in some form since mid-July, which is composed of all-organic vegetables and fruits, mostly in the form of fresh pressed juices. I while on the full GT, I was consuming about 20 pounds of veggies and fruits a day.

While full GT calls for 13 juices a day, now my therapy calls for only 7 juices a day: 2 carrot, 3 apple-carrot, and 2 green juices.

While full GT calls for both raw and cooked food in the lunch and dinner, now I am only eating cooked food at both lunch and dinner, due to my duodenal ulcer. We were afraid that raw food would irritate it too much.

Because the workload is large with GT, we hired Ana Maria Peña to do the juicing, prepare lunch & dinner, and other household work, and she has been doing excellent work.


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